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Patient Info


We pride ourselves in continuing to have a receptionist answer the phone – no long messages to listen to before actually being allowed to speak with someone. We allow sufficient time at each appointment to address all the concerns that you have. All appointments are scheduled with you in mind. Simply let the receptionist know what you would like to discuss during your visit and be assured that sufficient time will be allotted to you. In fact you will be pleased to know that we allow a full hour of physician time for your complete physical exam. We will address chronic and new problems, family history, habits, preventative care and answer all your questions.



We have a Cola-accredited office laboratory that can provide immediate test results for many of your problems. We provide CBCs (complete blood counts), urine analysis, glucoses, strep screens, mono tests, pregnancy tests, flu tests, H. pylori tests, sed rates, stool hemocult blood testing, and glucose tolerance tests. All other lab work, including blood tests, is collected in the office and sent to a national reference lab. This allows us to be certain the correct tests are done and results are submitted back to us in a timely fashion.

You can be assured that ALL test results will be relayed to you directly. We NEVER go by the adage “If you don’t hear from us, just assume everything is normal.”


Telephone Calls:

We will always return your call. The receptionist will take a message and make your chart available to the nurse. Your call is returned as soon as possible by a doctor or a nurse who is trained to answer your questions and communicate with the doctor, so you can be assured that your doctor remains aware of your medical care at all times. For after-hours emergencies the doctor is always available.



We make every effort to be certain that you get complete care for all of your problems. All testing, including X-rays, that we order is followed up and results returned to you. If we refer you to a consultant we are happy to provide the consulting physician with all necessary information to make your appointment productive. We schedule follow-up appointments with us before you leave our office to be certain that time is on the doctor’s schedule well in advance so that your continued health care is of the highest priority.


Fees and Payments:

While striving to provide high-quality, personalized medical care, we make every effort to keep costs down. We depend on payment at the time of your visit so that we can continue to control costs. It is impossible to quote exact fees prior to your visit because they are determined by many variables, including complexity and severity of your problems and physician time. We will always be happy to explain the fees charged. You are responsible for the payment which can be made by cash, check, debit card or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover). You will be provided with complete documentation of your visit and payment, which can then be submitted to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

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