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Direct Pay Medicine | Dollinger & Tove

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Direct Pay Medicine

Direct Pay Medicine is a revolutionary healthcare model that allows patients to pay physicians directly for their care. By doing so, insurance companies are taken completely out of the billing process and therefore cannot dictate the way in which you receive your care. It’s the complicated and tedious policies and procedures put in place by insurance companies that have led to long wait times, short doctor visits and sky high deductibles.

By removing insurance companies from the equation all together, this leads to numerous benefits for the patient, including:

  • More time with your doctor (on average, 1 hour for new patients and 30 minutes for established patients)
  • You only see a doctor (we do not employ nurse practitioners or PA’s)
  • Timely appointments (even same day)
  • No wait times (spend almost no time in the waiting room)

Please note: If patients would like to bill their insurance company separately, Dollinger and Tove Family Medicine Associates will provide all necessary paperwork to do so.

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